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Game Roadmap

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Game Roadmap Empty Game Roadmap

Post by Kouga Tue Sep 06, 2022 10:55 am

Alright. So let's see what we're up to, shall we?

1. LIF: Second Wind
Basically the spiritual successor to LIF by Gamevial. Will be from a top-down perspective and feature quite a bunch of environments and animals to explore and unlock. Multiplayer of course included. Pack System might be a thing, but having a mate and offspring definitely is. Finding food and water too. Basically survival of the fittest.

2. Fly Like A Bird 4
Rumored for ages, the successor to FLAB3 is already a thing but bugged beyond belief. More birds, better graphics, bigger environments (and more of them). Camera improvements too. Other than that we stuck to the old formula.

3. Wolf Online, aka "Amarok Tribe"
Since WolfQuest is a thing these days, this project suffers a little. We might be charged with plagiarism unless we figure out some ways to separate the game from WQ (though we've had the full concept long before they did.. shucks.). Basically a simulator solely for the life of wolves. Might include other canine species and their environments though, just because the engine would support that, haha.

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